Jesse and Hannah did an outstanding job capturing Jake and I’s wedding day. The video turned out perfect. They were so attentive to my wants and fulfilled them well! I would 10/10 recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding videographer. Also, they are both so sweet and good at what they do!


We could NOT have been happier with our choice to ask Jesse Travers and his beautiful wife Hannah to capture our special day. This video is absolutely breathtaking, and perfectly encapsulates everything magical about the day that I married my best friend. I cry every time I watch it. The amount of love and care that was clearly put into the editing and production of this masterpiece amazes me.
If you or someone you know is looking for an easygoing, INCREDIBLY talented wedding videographer, this is your man.


Emily Ramirez

I met Jesse through his younger sister who I am good friends with. Before I even met him, his family would rave about his videography talent and even showed me work that he had done. I was so impressed by what I saw. Even though, at the time I wasn’t even engaged, I knew that when I would eventually get married, there would be no question in my mind to have Jesse be our wedding videographer. 

His work shows the genuine love that a couple has for each other and tells their story beautifully through the footage he takes. He is able to capture the story of the couple and their deep love for one another. He focuses in on the magnificence and sweetness of marriage through each and every detail, in which I see in his love for his own bride, Hannah. The two of them work wonderfully as a team on the wedding day. 

On our wedding day, Jesse and Hannah arrived with ample time to capture footage of us all getting ready, the venue, the reception location, and footage of the bride and groom giving each other a video message. They both followed us through our journey of our wedding day and made us feel so cared for. Jesse is extremely professional with each and every step of the way as a videographer. He made us feel very cared for as a couple on our wedding day and was eager to capture each and every memorable detail. From the first day I asked him to do the videography at our wedding and even after the wedding, he is very quick to respond and is great at communicating with his clients. 

When it finally came time to watch our video, my husband and I could not have been more pleased. We were able to relive each and every sweet moment of that day. His intros and outros are OUT OF THIS WORLD creative and unique. I’ve never seen videography done so intricately and detailed at Jesse does it. He has very smooth transitions, picks very fitting songs, and conveys the small sweet gestures as well as the overall picture and theme of the wedding day. He even had guests at the wedding leave us surprise messages that we got to watch back. We have watched our video multiple times and were able to share it with family and friends!

I am still blown away by how talented Jesse is at videography and for such a reasonable price. He spent countless hours, not only on our wedding day, but afterward to perfect the final product. His pure devotion toward his clients and their special day is what really makes him stand out among the rest. I would recommend him to be the videographer to everyone’s wedding. We were very very pleased!

Clayton & Katelyn Carpenter

Kate and I were married almost a year ago this August, we knew little about the wedding photography and videography business but fortunately for us, we knew Jesse and Hannah Travers. During the wedding planning, we hadn't thought about getting a wedding videographer until the last minute and we are incredibly thankful that we did because it has meant just as much to us as the wedding pictures and we have watched it countless times over the last several months. While pictures may capture thousands of words, Jesse's video captured the emotions and true excitement of our special day and not only captured those moments but made a flawless recording of it that allows us to relive those moments every time we view it. In short, choosing a videographer (specifically, Jesse) was and still is one of the best investments we made towards our wedding and I can assure the reader that you will not be disappointed with such a high degree of care and thought that Jesse puts into his work.

Brittany Estes

While wedding planning one of my friends gave me Jesse’s name and contact information. At that point I wasn’t sure if we could work a videographer into our budget but I contacted him anyway. After hearing how incredibly reasonable his prices were and the high praise about him from my friend we booked him for our wedding. I can’t speak highly enough about his services! My husband and I have already referred him to others. The video from our wedding is the most important thing we did (and to think we almost passed it up)! Without our video there would have been so many things we wouldn’t have seen from our wedding day. Trust me, as a bride who planned out every detail of the wedding it was so amazing to see it all come together in the video. 
Jesse is very professional and responds quickly to questions. He is so easy to work with during planning because of the great communication and quick responses. We received our video quickly after our wedding. It was incredible! The high quality of the video made me feel like I was back at our venue. Jesse and his team captured every detail of our day. We were able to watch the entire ceremony. The audio was very clear and of high quality. I can’t explain how special it is to hear your vows again and be able to watch it on a video. You can hear the music so perfectly and it all fits together nicely.
The video shows our bridal party entering and leaving the ceremony which is one thing as a bride you will not get to see the day of the wedding. 
Jesse was very creative in creating the video and combining all the different parts of the day. The video flows so smoothly. My favorite part of our video is the introduction clips to each part of the wedding. The way they were put together makes you get a little glimpse of all the details. During the wedding Jesse walks around and lets the guest leave you a message. These are great! We thoroughly enjoyed watching these! Jesse did a wonderful job of getting to all the different age groups at our wedding. 
This video is so important to us. We have already watched it multiple times and we know it will be something we will keep forever. It was worth every penny we paid for it. I highly recommend Jesse for videography. You will not be disappointed!