My name is Jesse and my wife is Hannah.

I bring the love of my photography and videography to all of the work that we do. I consider it a blessing to create something in a way that is unique and meaningful to each client we serve. 


We are a team

And by that, I mean my wife and I. Before I met her, I was on my own, or I would get help from whoever could run a camera. I couldn't explain the difference she makes. She sees things different than me, and that's a good thing. We compliment each other. I know how to run the gear and edit the videos, and she keeps things organized and on schedule. God is good.


We create a production quality wedding video. I typically spend about 40+ hours on just one video to create the visual story of your day. What matters to you, matters to us and no matter how small or big the project, I give my all to make sure you are happy with the end result. I find joy in the priceless reactions when the bride and groom get to finally see their big day set in a motion picture!  

Our Gear

I currently use 5 DSLR's to achieve that beautiful cinematic look people always seem to love. I have a large variety of lenses to cover every angle necessary. I also use professional wireless mics for superb audio. I am constantly upgrading gear when money allows, so you will know that the equipment used is current and of the highest quality.

Sometimes, you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory, that you wish you could go back and experience again.
— Dr. Seuss

Let us help you experience it again.